Julia Garner On Minimal Make-Up, Collecting Perfumes And Always Staying Authentic
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The Inventing Anna actor and face of Gucci Beauty talks growing up in New York, working with A$AP Rocky and Elliot Page and always listening to her instincts.

Since arriving on our screens in 2012, Julia Garner has delivered one unwaveringly gripping performance after another. A string of Primetime Emmy Awards under her belt, including Outstanding Supporting Actress for her role as Ruth Langmore in Ozark and Outstanding Lead Actress for Inventing Anna, the New York-born actor is a powerhouse of authenticity, both on-screen and off.

Known for her signature platinum pixie curls and striking red carpet presence, it’s hard to believe that Garner’s emergence as Gucci Beauty’s latest muse is her first public endeavour into beauty – and the reason why she’s chatting to ELLE UK today.

Joining the 29-year-old star on her venture, is actor Elliot Page and rapper A$AP Rocky, who collectively make up the new face of Gucci Beauty. The latest iteration of its cult scent, Gucci Guilty Elixir Pour Femme, sees a classic bouquet reimagined with notes of violet, bergamot, tonka bean and vanilla; Pour Homme lends itself to fans of a more woody, leather scent.

We caught up with Garner to discuss the scents of her childhood, her high school beauty routine and why authenticity extends far beyond her career on screen…

What are your first memories of scents?

‘My mother is of German heritage, so she would always make chicken schnitzels growing up. I always just remember how that smells. My dad is a painter and his studio is in the basement of our house so I always would go downstairs and watch him paint and so art supplies are also a very early scent for me.’

Growing up in an artistic household, did you always know you wanted to be an actor?

‘I was always exposed to the best art, not only with my family being artists but also just growing up in New York and being exposed to different things. I didn’t ever think that I was going to be an actor, even when I started. I always just loved film, I used to watch Turner Classic Movies growing up as a kid, but I didn’t know that it is a real industry. I really enjoyed, and I (still) really enjoy, being an audience when the show is great.’

What was your relationship with beauty like today?

‘I’ve always loved fashion and clothes. I’ve always had fun with it. I think it’s a great form of expressing yourself. There’s a real artistry to it. In terms of beauty, I’ve always loved perfume. I actually collected perfume when I was a little girl. I loved smells. I’ve always liked something a little lighter and I think that there’s an art to how much perfume you’re putting on in a way.

‘In terms of make-up, I always put on a lipstick or just a mascara. Really good skin is important for me. I still do the same make-up that I did when I was in high school. I think people bury themselves a little bit with the make-up nowadays.’

Authenticity is…

‘Being real and not hiding and just embracing the truth, whether it’s good or bad and being open to hearing it. That’s what it means to me and that’s always what I want to surround myself with. It’s the same with the art that I do and how I try to approach things. On a personal level, that’s also really important to me. I want to be with truthful people.’

How important is maintaining friendships in your industry?

‘When you’re in your 20s, you’re so focused and balance is a real thing. That wasn’t easy. I think that to figure out. Friendships and relationships are really important because as much as work is so much a part of me, it’s not all of me, that’s not my identity. Boundaries are everything. It’s so funny, TikTok is all about these boundaries but it is true, you know. I want to be around people that see something that I don’t even see in myself and they push me in a healthy way.’

Does self-acceptance come naturally to you?

‘It does come naturally for me to embrace myself, whether it’s with beauty or anything. There’s been times where I’ve gone against my instinct and it never comes out the way that I want it to. I always just try to, when in doubt, listen to my instinct. I never try to force things. I’m open to things happening by chance.’

You’re in great company in the Gucci Guilty campaign, did you know A$AP Rocky and Elliot Page before this?

‘I didn’t know them before but the first day was so easy with everybody’s chemistry – we just all clicked. I was such a fan of both of them before. What we have in common is that we’re all artists and I think we were happy to be there. We were having fun. The thing that I really love about Elliot Page and A$AP Rocky is they both have this openness about them. They have this non-judgmental spirit and they have a real confidence about them. It’s so fearless in a way. They’re just such sweet, smart human beings. I just felt lucky to even be breathing in the same room as them. It was very easy for me.’

What is your number one skincare tip?

‘You can buy a crazy expensive cream but if you’re not getting enough sleep and you’re not drinking enough water and you’re not eating healthy food… what you’re putting inside your body is actually more important than what you’re putting on your face. I try to always eat good and healthy food. That doesn’t always work because I love junk food, too. It starts with the simple things, always.’

‘What I do every morning – it makes a difference with the skin- is I always I drink lemon water. (I do it) 15 minutes before I consume anything else and it makes your skin look amazing.’ [Source]

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